Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Addiction to Friendship Bracelets Making!

Recently, I've picked up a new hobby - or got addicted to - friendship bracelets making! Woohoo! It's not particularly friendship since I'm making them for collections but yeah, hahaha.

Candy Stripe





Tarata or Scrambled Candy Stripe


Criss Cross


5strand Braid



4strand Braid #1

4strand Braid #2

Double Chinese Staircase

Rag Rug #1

Rag Rug #2

Spiral Wave

X Cross

Tiny Zig Zag

Zig Zag Wave

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Doraemon Expo @ Johor Bahru

It's been more than a year since I've last posted here.:/ Anyways, this is to share my experience and thoughts about visiting the Doraemon Expo at Johor Bahru's City Square. The expo will be held from 30th Aug 2014 to 4th Jan 2015 and it costs RM25 (about SGD10) for those above 12 so if you've haven't visit it, you should since its pretty worth it.:)

^Here's me with the tickets bought. LOL

 ^And here's how the walls of outside the expo looked like.

 The above and below pictures are part of the 100 Doraemon gadgets. Each exhibit features Doraemon with a gadget and a small description of how the gadget works.

 ^And last but not least of the 100 gadgets, here's Doraemon with the 100 glasses.:)

 ^The next part features how Doraemon lost his ears and turned blue in colour.

 ^After which, we then proceed to the next few exhibitions. I purchased this stamp booklet (that cost RM9.90). At the remaining exhibitions, there was stamp stations where we can stamp the stamps onto the stamp booklet.

 ^And then we saw that Nobita got married with Shizuka. Yay. LOL

 ^Here, at the last part of the exhibition, you can have your photographs taken by the staff crew at a price that I forgot. LOL But the thing was, they were blocking in front of Nobita's house and...I was not able to take pictures of his house, with his grandmother hugging Nobita.:/

 ^Before the end of the whole expo, there's the Gian store where I bought souvenirs. There's another store at Level 3 of the mall where you could buy gifts if you did not visit the expo. Before leaving, the crew stamped this on my hand saying that we could still return to visit the expo again until the day ends.

 ^After visiting the whole expo, I went to watch Big Hero 6 and had fried rice for lunch.

 ^After lunch, I visited the Doraemon cafe located at Level 5 of the mall. This is a temporary cafe along with the whole Doraemon cafe.:)

^I ordered a cup of hot chocolate which cost RM6.90.

^Before leaving JB, I ate a crepe! This is a must-have every time I go to JB since its rare to see stalls selling crepes in Singapore.:/

Monday, November 11, 2013

Death Note feat Arashi?xD

I was browsing through the shop photos and lyrics booklet from Arashi's latest album, LOVE, when I saw the apples. Each one of them had an apple with them in at least one of the photos! This reminded me of Death note, where there was this manga cover with Kira holding an apple. Hence, I decided to create this collage to share!^^

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Day When I Could Watch NC-16 Movies in the Cinemas

3 September 2013 marked the day where I could officially step into the cinemas to watch NC16 movies! *throws confetti to celebrate!* 2013 is the first year that I have to attend school on my birthday, which I was clearly unhappy about. Not to mention that I have History and Biology examinations on the same day too.:/ This year, I've received "tons" of presents as well (yeah, look at how small my value of "ton" is) but still, I'm grateful for all of the love *coughs* and caring I've received.

This is the first present I've received on that day when I reached school. It's something sweet and it is able to make it without using oven. Pretty expensive, though. I've yet to open the box but I guess I'll be making it with my sister after the examinations, which is like 2 weeks away. I'm elated to receive this, since I've always wanted to buy and try but I have no money (due to spending much money on Arashi goods:P).

The second present I've received in school was especially memorable too because it is the first time this friend of mine gave me presents. I knew her since like 3 years ago but we only became friends, like close friends this year. And not to forget, my favourite food is chocolate. *smirks*

The third present was received on a day after. Yes, it's chocolate *squeals in excitement* and an article coverage about the Nazotoki Dinner no Ato de movie (The After Dinner Mysteries Movie)!!!!^^ OMG, I can't contain my excitement anymore!xD I can say that I was very, very lucky to receive this! Till now, I'm still keeping a look-out for articles about the screening event in Singapore. I mean, of course it'll be natural to keep a constant look-out since it's the first time an Arashi member coming to Singapore after I became a fangirl!

Okay, this is a red packet that I received from my dad on my birthday. It's kinda unique because it's honestly my first time seeing a red packet with "Happy Birthday" written on it.:P I've used the money to buy a pimple cream (yeah, what for? -_-) and 5 Arashi shop photos!xDD

Yeap, these are the 5 Arashi shop photos that I bought online! I bought 1 Popcorn Group Photo, 1 Popcorn Juntoshi (Ohno+Matsumoto) Photo, 2 Sakurai Solo Photos (1 from Believe, 1 from CallingxBreathless) and 1 CallingxBreathless Ninomiya Solo Photo. Hmm, I feel kind of guilty for not purchasing any Matsumoto Solo Photos but there weren't any Solo Photos of him I liked that was available. It's really difficult to find his solo photos that I liked, you know?:/

And the 2 photos above? It's a cardigan that one of my close friends bought for me too! It's the first time in 4 years that she actually didn't buy chocolate. Haha! Still, I really liked the cardigan. I'm not the type that actually goes shopping for clothes. (I hate shopping for clothes because I always can't seem to find clothes that I liked.) The size was also suitable for me! Initially, I thought that I wouldn't be able to wear the cardigan. Haha!

Since I view my 16th birthday as a new start, I thought of trying a store that I haven't tried before. I went to Yakitori and had this bentou for lunch.

I also bought these sweets from Dora no Keiki. These are called daifuku (which I simply call it 大福 since my parents don't know what's daifuku). Well, they looked different from the daifuku I always see on Japanese shows though but it's really really nice!

My sister bought me this petite cake from emicakes and a Haagen Daaz ice-cream tub. Yay, my favourite!

During the weekend, I went to my maternal grandparents' house for lunch. It's sort of like a tradition to have lunch at my grandparents' house every year for my birthday. Every year, I'll get to eat my favourite Hainanese steamed chicken cooked by my grandfather. Eating it makes me feel a lot more energised and gives me the motivation to work hard so as to be able to eat the steamed chicken again on my birthday next year.

We also ate a birthday cake and red boiled eggs. Again, it's a tradition of mine, which I always enforce, to eat the same type of chocolate cake from Prima Deli.

Well, to conclude, this year's birthday celebrations was again memorable. LOL, what a boring way to conclude!xP I had fun fooling around again, which I hope to do so next year too!^^